About the Beans

The JuJu beans combine elements of 60’s Garage Rock, 70’s Punk, Boogie Blues, as well as Coutry and Western, all played with extreme energy levels and verve, and which form a unique, highly refreshing sound. Compare this to the bloated, over-saturated airwaves of today that are filled with either grossly overproduced dance pop schlock, or greatly over-produced metro-metal, and you’ll soon realize that the world needs The JuJu Beans, and so do you!. Combine this revelation with seeing one or many of their extremely high energy live shows, and you have one of the best bands in the Southwest region, or any region for that matter.
Basically, The JuJu Beans are charismatic, fantastic, energetic, electric , spazmatic, sarcastic, basic, frenetic, bombastic, elastic, and pretty much any other word ending in ic. So, get out and see them live NOW, then make sure you buy all three (so far) cd releases, or there’s definitely something wrong with you!!!

The JuJu Beans are:

Uncle Dave – guitar, vox.

Chris Acosta – guitar, vox.

Patrick Teel – bass, vox.

Carlos Curet – drums

Bob Henry – bass, vox.